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A Reverse Telephone Number Search
service helps you to research any phone number and discover the details of the caller, including the callers name and address. This search enables you to get all of the pertinent information of the caller, possible intention, and in some cases it provides the geographical information of the caller as well.

Reverse Phone Lookup Costs

This service is provided for free in many of the websites that offer it, however, those "free" phone number search results provide very little useful information. When you input a number and click the search button to query the database, you only get superfluous information along with a request that you make some payment to enjoy the full service. This ranges from as little as $1 to well over $25 for a monthly subscription.

There are many legitimate reverse phone search providers where you can purchase a "one time search" for a small fee, or you can try their complete service for five days (also for a small fee) and then subscribe to a monthly membership at a greatly reduced cost. This can save you a lot of money if you need to perform more than one search per month.

Reverse Cell Phone Lookup

This presents another challenge to call number lookup process. The cell phone numbers and the details of the holders are considered the exclusive property of the mobile service provider, having the names, their identification details and the places of registration of the holders. Though there are few details to do with the cell phone users, the companies have always treated the information as private and confidential.

What makes this service even more difficult is the fact that the service providers keep their own records of all the information about their subscribers. With the vast number of active subscribers, it is not easy to get a complete list of all the telephone numbers and their details. The other challenge is that the companies that offer reverse cell phone number services have not come together to develop a joint database of all the cell phone numbers.

There is also a school of thought that argues that at least the Government should ensure that all the registrations are done with a particular body even though the companies offer varying services. They argue that since the information is not damaging to the person, it should be let free to circulate to so that people can fend off scammers and other criminals.

Benefits of Reverse Phone/Cell Phone Lookup

There are a number of benefits derived from this service, whether the ones provided by the companies or some government agencies. Shown below are a few of these benefits:

  • Detecting and Avoiding Scams – There are individuals who make very convincing phone calls about some imaginary product or service and expect you to give them some details about your Credit Card or they request that you pay some money for said product or service. A number of these phone numbers have been tagged and you can easily get the information from a number of the reverse phone lookup service providers.
  • Detecting of Criminal Intentions – At times you could receive a call asking you to verify your bank account or credit card account information, but the calls are actually coming from a con artist or scammer. You can check these numbers on the reverse phone lookup websites to establish whether they are who they claim to be. Some numbers associated with criminals are also marked to warn the public against such people.
  • Avoid Harassment by Your Ex-Lover – Some couples who part ways (with one of the partners still feeling bitter) may result in phone calls with the sole purpose of  harassing the other partner just to make their lives miserable. Being able to show proof of the harassing calls is essential in obtaining a restraining order to put an end to those harassing phone calls..

Reverse phone lookup does not only have proponents, it has opponents too. This group argues that it is very easy for criminals to track down their target and cause harm to them, especially in cases where there are location and background details provided. They argue that if someone wants to cause harm, they can easily check on the internet to determine your exact physical location.

Another group of opponents says that they just don’t want any of their information made available online, however beneficial it is to them or anyone else. They argue that they have a right to privacy and anyone who needs the information for any harm committed should report to the authorities (who should be the only entity allowed to have access to all that combined information). Some even complain when they get SMS alerts from their mobile service providers if they are not about their previously purchased products or services.

However, the benefits of a Reverse Telephone Number Search outweigh the disadvantages and therefore it has proved to be a very necessary service. It has saved people’s lives, saved people from being scammed out of large sums of money, and helped them avoid annoying telemarketers, scammers, or forms of social harassment.


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